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Welcome to the world of Milkash products.

Milkash Company was established in the city of Zakho in 2004 and has branches in many cities and provinces. Our company has successfully distributed its products throughout Iraq. Milkash products are manufactured in Turkey, offering over 70 items under the Milkash brand, including cheese, cream, and milk. The success of any food product lies in its flavor and quality, which are central to our concerns and priorities. We know how to maintain our products, ensuring both their quality and distinctive taste.

The Milkash products boast a unique flavor and distinctive taste. Indulge your senses by savoring the rich and distinctive flavor of Milkash cheese, which is produced according to the highest quality standards in Turkey. Our company will provide you with Milkash products throughout Iraq.

Discover the art and secret of the success of our company’s products, through which we have been able to develop our products over time with the skilled hands of generations, until achieving the desired results. Experts in manufacturing Milkash products work according to the latest tactics and the best hands in this field to provide all Turkish products under the Milkash brand, elevating the experience of restaurants to a new and advanced stage.

Milkash products take up a significant place when discussing Turkish cheeses.
For its distinctive flavor, exquisite taste, and unparalleled quality, we offer you various types of cheeses, each with a unique taste, special flavor, and shared quality.
Our commitment to quality is unparalleled, and we pledge to deliver the best cheese products to your table. We take pride in crafting products that enrich your table with the finest flavors and highest quality, made by expert hands and according to meticulous standards of precision. We provide you with the Milkash brand, the magical blend that seamlessly combines authenticity and innovation in the world of cheese products.
What distinguishes our products from others is not just the flavor
But what distinguishes our products is their natural taste and healthiness. Our products are made from the purest sources of local natural milk from cattle and cows subject to the strictest health control and special care measures. This has resulted in our products achieving record numbers, in addition to their richness in the purest natural ingredients, far from artificial substances.
Our cheeses leave an endless and lasting impact due to their flavor and quality. They perfectly complement sandwiches, pasta, etc. Enjoy them naturally; our products constitute a healthy and light meal for all occasions.
We take pride in our Turkish-made cheeses with their various and distinctive flavors on your tables throughout Iraq. Our commitment to quality and flavor is unparalleled. We invite you to a culinary journey unlike any other. Decide and try today the finest cheese products from the Turkish brand MilKash. Taste the essence of our products and embark on a royal journey that lasts and lasts.